This Expert Group is made up of external experts, mainly from transport operators’/organising authorities’ representatives (both urban and mainline), but also passengers’ representatives. The main expectations from this group are:

  • to help clarifying the various situations in terms of market needs, constraints and opportunities at EU level;
  • to review the project draft recommendations;
  • and to comment and suggest amendments on expected outcomes and follow-up of the project.

During the discussions of this group, significant importance will be given to two particular topics: the use of data and the impact of the new systems on passengers. Within the first topic experts and project partners will discuss the data usage – e.g. data consolidation and quality, data exchange and data sharing between stakeholders, guarantees on the right usage of data, how to qualify the data, what is the relationship with ‘open data’, etc. The second topic will address the potential impact of these new services on passengers, what are the passengers’ expectations and acceptance levels, etc. Whenever necessary, these discussions will include the expertise of the “EPS” group. The precise content of each topic shall be agreed between experts and partners at the beginning of the project. The overall objective is to facilitate and enlarge the future implementation of the services developed within this project. A group of approximately 10 experts is foreseen to accompany the project throughout its lifetime. Indicatively, there will be 5 meetings between the experts and the project partners.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 636078

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Total Budget: €12 million (EU funded)
Project Start Date: 1 May 2015
Project End Date: 31 October 2017
Duration: 30 months
Partners: 27 


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